Summer Trend Series: All hail the one piece!

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After having a baby, I have yet to find the courage to break out my old bikinis.  While I feel like my confidence with my body is pretty much back to pre-baby, the desire to walk around in so little clothing just isn’t there anymore.  Luckily for us, the one piece swimsuit is back in full force!  A bathing suit that I can feel comfortable in, that allows me to chase a toddler around the beach without any clothing mishaps, and feels stylish as well?  Yes, please!  There are so many great options out there for one-pieces, and even high waisted bottoms that offer forgiveness in all the right places.

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My favorite place to buy swimsuits right now is Amazon.  Yes you read that right, the online marketplace.  With prime shipping, you can get decent quality bathing suits for a fraction of the price as department stores, delivered to your door in two days.  Not to mention free returns, because, come on, guessing your size from an online chart doesn’t always work.  I usually order two sizes and send back the one that doesn’t fit, because why not, its free!  The best part is that you aren’t spending a fortune on those new styles that are going to change next season, which allows you to spend more on fun beach accessories!

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An open, low back means no more crazy tan lines.

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This swimsuit is great because I feel supported enough to take care of a toddler, without worrying that anything is going to slip in any of the wrong places!

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New moms and teenagers alike, don’t hesitate to try this trend!  It will breathe new life into your pool days and beach vacations!

I love London’s swimsuit because it has snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changes!  Her suit can be found here, and my red one is from Target a few years ago.

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