What to Wear After Baby

When I got pregnant, I wasn’t prepared for the changes that were going to take place in my body.  Having a child was such a miracle, and I was amazed at what my body was created to do.  It knew exactly how to grow a perfect, tiny human.  After our little London was born, I also realized I wasn’t prepared for the fact that my body didn’t immediately go back to the way it was.

 I knew it would take a while to get the “baby weight off” (it’s been over a year and I’m still trying!), but I just didn’t like the way I looked.  Between taking care of a newborn, middle of the night feedings, and then going back to work, I didn’t have the energy yet to get my body back to “normal”. Thankfully, I discovered a few favorite outfits that were forgiving enough to hide the post-baby belly, and also gave me the confidence I was lacking after all of the changes.  I was fortunate enough to be able to nurse London until 14 months, which meant clothing also had to be breastfeeding friendly.  And if you’ve done it, you know nursing is just messy.

Gingham Cami - (7 of 8)

After a rocky few months, I came to terms with a couple of things.  My advice to new moms when choosing what to wear after baby: don’t try to stuff yourself into your pre-pregnancy clothes, and buy a couple of new things that fit your current size that are versatile enough to create a few outfits.  I realized that I was getting super frustrated when my old shorts wouldn’t button, or the baby belly that remained would bulge over the top.  And instead of being proud of what my body had just accomplished, I was mad that I still looked 4 months pregnant.  My solution?  I bought two new pairs of shorts that fit, one denim and one white pair.  Who cares if they were a couple sizes larger than my others?  When I buttoned them with ease, I regained a lot of my confidence.  I also searched my closet for shirts that didn’t cling to my stomach.  Luckily, breeze tops are easy to be found right now, and I would recommend staying away from maternity tops.  

Here is a favorite outfit of mine right now, that would have been perfect last year after I had London:

Gingham Cami - (1 of 8)

I know this top would require a strapless bra, and that is probably the last thing you want to wear while nursing.  But IF you can bear it, a breezy cami is perfect because you can nurse from the bottom under the shirt, or pull down the strap and nurse from the top.

Gingham Cami - (2 of 8)

Real life is fly aways, always.

Gingham Cami - (6 of 8)

These are the shorts I bough right after having a baby, and even though they are a little loose now, they are super comfy!

Gingham Cami - (3 of 8)

Gingham is one of my favorite prints right now, and I’ll be doing a post on it soon!  I also added some pops of blue to this outfit to break up the monochromatic colors.

Gingham Cami - (4 of 8)

And the best news: even if your old clothes don’t fit after baby, chances are your shoes will!  I bought a lot of shoes postpartum because that was the one thing I could buy in season, and still be able to incorporate new trends into my outfits.  These shoes are great because they are comfortable, with just a small heel, and still add some flair.

So don’t let all of the changes your body is going through, cramp your style!  And any time those insecurities creep in, just look at that sweet baby and remember you are a rockstar!



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