Happy 4th!

Since we are busy today, I just wanted to share a few fun pictures with London Quinn in our 4th of July inspired outfits!  It is so easy to get caught up in a day like this, with all of the barbecues, and beach trips, and fireworks, but I have been taking more time this year to remember what this day is all about.  While a lot of people in America these days are unhappy with practically everything, I am grateful that we even have the opportunity to have our opinions.  I feel blessed to live in a country where we have the religious freedom to worship God without fear, and also to be able to work for such a great ministry that otherwise wouldn’t exist.  We have many, many opportunities in this country, and I hope we all stop to remember that today!

July 4th - (6 of 46)

Even though I am a Coca-Cola girl all the way, I couldn’t pass up this fun Pepsi wall in my hometown.  We even took some of our wedding pictures there!

July 4th - (14 of 46)July 4th - (12 of 46)July 4th - (21 of 46)July 4th - (10 of 46)

My little purse-snatcher!

July 4th - (37 of 46)

Another adorable bow by Sugar Bean Bow Co!

July 4th - (39 of 46)July 4th - (42 of 46)

This dress was so light and airy, and would be great at keeping you cool on a hot summer day.  Plus, I love that it has palm print in an unexpected red and pink combo!

July 4th - (46 of 46)

I love the handles on this bag!  It’s like having a bracelet and bag in one, and it comes with a shoulder strap as well if you want to wear it cross-body instead.

You can find my dress here and bag here, and London’s outfit here.

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