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I thought I should do a post to explain why I haven’t been very active here and on social media lately.  When I first decided to do this blog, I knew it was going to take some time and effort, but I didn’t understand just how much!  I have loved blogging and feel like it is the perfect creative outlet for me.  However, I noticed that it was taking up just about every spare second I had, leaving me with nothing left to give to God or my family, whether that be time, energy or resources.  I didn’t want the blog to take priority in my life so I thought cutting back on posts might free up some more time and margin in my life.

When we moved to Wake Forest, we weren’t sure how long we would be here, and just assumed we would leave as soon as Elijah finished seminary.  We purchased a townhouse last year, knowing we needed more space and that it would work for us for the next couple of years.  The Lord had other plans for us, and after Elijah’s business took off, and we had London, we knew we wanted to stay a little longer.  The housing market in and around Raleigh is crazy right now, and you often have to jump on a house as soon as it hits the market, and sometimes even before.  We have been getting an idea of whats available and what they are going for, and knew we would have to find the right house at the right time, and just assumed it would be at the end of the year or the beginning of next.

Until we found our dream home.  It had been on the market for a couple of weeks, which is unusual for this area.  It needed some work and updating, but was selling for a great price.  While we loved it, we didn’t think we had everything in order to buy that soon.  We met with our realtor on a Wednesday to discuss our options, and decided to drive by the house that night.  We immediately fell in love, and texted our agent to ask her what we had to do to make it possible!  We viewed the house on Thursday afternoon, made an offer on Friday morning and it was accepted that afternoon.  We couldn’t believe it had happened so fast!  However, this meant we had to sell our current home quickly.  While we were viewing the new house, our realtor told us that the selling agent just happened to have other clients that wanted a townhouse in our exact neighborhood, and asked if they could come see it that night.  What are the odds?  So on the selling side, we showed our house on a Thursday night, and had an offer Saturday, without even having to put it on the market.  The way all of the details fell into place can only be described as the work of the Lord, and the way he has provided for us each step of the way makes us feel beyond blessed.

We have a lot to do in the coming weeks, and a lot of work to put into this house before we can move in.  I will be sharing along the way, as this styled space of mine might become more home focused than I ever imagined!  Until then, I will be watching Fixer Upper and perusing Pinterest to get lots of ideas for our new home.  We are praying the rest of the details fall into place, that everything goes according to plan, without any major hiccups.  So be patient with me!  I promise to be back soon, posting regularly, but until then, all of my energy is being poured into my family, and a new home for us to make our own!



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