Welcome to Life Sincerely Styled!  I’m Christy, a wife and mom who is working full-time and trying to keep life beautiful!  I have always been a fan of blogs, from lifestyle, to fashion, to kids and families, but never imagined having one myself.  Until one day my husband, Elijah, convinced me that I was perfectly capable.  I will be the first to admit that I like my privacy, especially in the social media world.  The thought of opening up parts of my life for you guys to see, scared me to death.  After some encouragement from friends and family, I decided to open myself up to the vulnerability, and dive head first into this big blogging world.  I may be a little late to the game, but that just allows me to gain even more inspiration!

Most Beautiful Family

I currently live just outside of Raleigh, NC with my California-born-and-raised husband, where we are trying to keep up with our daughter, London Quinn, while building a life for our family here.  We love this area, the friends we have made, and the opportunities our jobs have allowed us.  I work as a full-time accountant for an amazing Christian non-profit, while my husband is running his videography business and, at the same time, staying home with our sweet girl.  We have a great church and friend community around us, and while it might not be the life I imagined, I have learned to love our normal.  What a blessing this stage of life has been, which gives me even more exciting content for this blog!  I hope you enjoy a glimpse of the life of an imperfect girl, working hard at being a wife, mother, friend, and co-worker, and trying to look stylish along the way!

Fun Facts:

I grew up in the same home in South Carolina until I went to college at Clemson University

I met my husband two months before we were leaving to go overseas for two years.  Perfect timing 😉

I lived in England for almost two years, and learned to love milk and sugar in my tea (which has to be accompanied with a proper biscuit)

My daughter is one, and was a pleasant surprise for my husband and I.  She is a perfect mix of both coasts!

I still have clothes in my closet from high school. Yes, 10+ years ago.